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About Us

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Marine Pro was founded in 2006 by Tim DePriest and Stephen Waller.  Tim and Stephen have been in the business of boat manufacturing and repair for over 75 years combined. They have held almost every possible position in boat manufacturing - from hourly positions to operations manager and owners.  During their manufacturing years, they both noticed a need for reputable and professionally run repair shops that produce quality workmanship in a timely manner.  Marine Pro is not the typical “fly-by-night” boat repair shop with limited experience.  Marine Pro started in the Irmo area and then later relocated to Newberry when Stephen and Tim started Falcon Bass Boats.  Marine Pro is now housed on the property of Falcon Boats.  


The Marine Pro facility has a 5,000 square foot building with over two acres of fenced storage. The shop has two indoor overhead hoist systems that can lift boats up to 15,000 lbs.  Marine Pro is fully insured.   

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